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Fabric Line-S Race Flat 155mm Titanium Rails

Fabric Line-S Race Flat 155mm Titanium Rails
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- Performance unisex saddle
- Short nose allows for a more aggressive, aero-riding position
- Pressure relief channel provides all-day comfort
- Wide rear width provides additional stability
- Tuned to deliver comfort on race day

All day performance
Push yourself beyond your limits with our latest racing saddle design. Engineered for lightning speed – and comfort – the short design lets you hold an aggressive riding position for longer – letting you fix your seating position and focus on the ride ahead.

- Rails: Titanium (7mm)
- Base: Flexible Nylon
- Cover: Waterproof microfibre
- Profile: Flat
- Weight: 234g
- Width: 155mm
- Length: 240mm
- Mid rail to saddle topper: 45mm

Short for speed
The latest evolution of our award-winning Line Saddle, we’ve combined our technological know-how and experience along with thousands of riding hours on the roads to create a saddle with performance-first ergonomics. The innovative design is tuned for race-day comfort – it features a shorter nose, broader rear section, and large cut-out. All these qualities allow you to maintain your preferred aggressive riding position for the whole ride, whatever the gradient.

Increase your endurance
Go further and faster for longer with the Line-S saddle. Based around our popular Line saddle design, it has a single, split-piece microfibre pad with a full-length central relief channel to decrease pressure on the pudendal artery. The Line S is specifically designed for unrivaled comfort on an all-out performance saddle.

Our state-of-the-art Line-S saddle design builds in comfort to every ride. Our unique three-part construction strips away the compression and tension found in traditional hard, stretched-cover saddles. We do this by bonding a waterproof microfibre upper straight onto a flexible base, allowing us to use a softer foam, giving you added comfort, whether you’re heading to the podium or your new PB.

Flat is for flat out/
Our Flat profile has the flattest rear section and the lowest amount of padding. This profile is designed for the most aggressive riding position; the rider in this position will be pushing the hardest through the pedals. The Flat profile also has a thinner nose to allow better leg movement.